By the Light of the Silvery Moon

It seems that I have been going in circles with the San Franciscan. I have placed pieces and parts and taped and re taped to make sure that I understand how things will fit together, but I kept running into problems. Actually, I think I was getting ahead of myself. Let's look at the photos.
I was trying to see how to install the 3rd floor--a bit ahead of things, but I wanted to see how the house would go together.

I noticed this gap at the top where the floor rested on top of on the corner post.

And there was a gap at the bottom of the wall, too. I was wondering how that had happened. 
A closer look showed that I had missed my mark, so the only thing I could was to unglue the wall from the post in order to position it correctly.

There's more than one way to unglue mistakes. I've heard that you can put the item to be unglue in the microwave and heat on low, but the wall was too big to put in my microwave.
or Real Good Toys must realize that builders make mistakes so in the…

Joy VS Frustration

Once a year, the two daughters and I meet in Denver to attend the annual miniature show sponsored by the Denver Doll and Toy Museum currently located in near Denver City Park and the zoo.The miniature show, however, is at the Denver Tech Center, a good drive from northern Colorado made worse by wretched traffic, but so worth the drive. The museum will hold a smaller show in the spring at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds, which we have only attended once, with all 5 grandchildren in tow.

Not for this show! No grandchildren. It's a rare occasion that the girls and I get together just the three of us and have a day, but the is the one Saturday when we are able to indulge ourselves. Jennifer, who  lives about 40 minutes away from me has three girls, 11 (12 next month), 10, and 6. She is the "stay at home mom." Her girls spent the day with dad fishing and catching crawdads, while her sister lives in Denver and has two boys, 15 and 9. She works as a horticulturist and arbo…

New Project: The Dura-Craft San Franciscan

My friend texted me one day asked if I'd like another dollhouse to build, explaining that he was at a garage sale and found one for $5. The lady was selling it because she became so overwhelmed with it that she couldn't finish it, so, of course, I said yes.

Dura Craft made three different versions of this house, the SF550, SF555, and SF557. This kit is 3/8 inch plywood with pieces stamped onto sheet and that must be punched out. For the most part, pieces easily release from the sheet. We also have a second kit, the 557 which is in the box,  complete, a Craig's List purchase and that house is the 3/8 inch composite or MFD wood pre-cut pieces. The booklet is stamped "September, 1996," a nice documentation.
I am making this house for my daughter who wants to age it and make it into a haunted house. It will be perfect for that, so I am only assembling it and not painting it. I am going to use all of the kit pieces and not substitute windows or stairs or embellishmen…