Monday, February 29, 2016


I have been procrastinating the installment of the second set of stairs for the Blue Farmhouse and not without just cause. Since this house was built from the scratch, nothing fits as do pieces in the kit houses where each piece is engineered to fit. There are standards in sizes for everything from doors to windows to staircases so that the builder can modify and change and retrofit pieces.

Not so with my farmhouse. The cutout for the first floor staircase was too wide, which required modification to narrow the opening so that the Hobby Lobby purchased stair case would fit. For the second floor staircase installation just the opposite was necessary, the opening had to be widened. I had call for back-up.

As you can see, I needed to widen the opening just enough for the stair case to fit, about the width of one floor board. Here my husband has made the first cut, using a stronger, better saw blade.

After making the two side cuts, he used my little battery operated dremel to drill holes so that he had insertion point for the next tool.

More Power! He was able to get his electric saber saw in the small space so that he make the final cut.

He didn't have much room to work in.

The saw makes an awful racket. We should have had ear plugs, even Boone the dog hated the loud sound.

And there it is, not perfect, the the gap will be covered when I install the railing. I need to glue the stair case in place next.

He's my hero for sure.

I took my two daughters and their 5(13-3)  children to a miniature show in Denver a couple of weeks ago. The Denver Doll and Toy Museum sponsored the small show that featured mostly local miniaturists and artists. Had I known (rather, read the website more closely) it would have cost $35. to get everyone in, I might have gone alone, but then what fun would that have been? We had a lovely day and the children were great, even the 13 year old grandson, who I am sure would rather have been doing his own thing, but he was a good sport. 

We each bought a sweet doll from this lady who makes the most wonderful sculptures. This one is Alice. She has an Easy shop, but I have misplaced her card for the moment. I'll share this artist with you when I find her card. Isn't Alice sweet? I am astonished at the detail of her work.

For the dollhouse, I purchased this hand carved wood duck. I have an affinity for wood ducks. In nature they are so beautiful. We don't see them much here in Colorado though they are probably more likely to be found east of us. This artist had a wonderful collection of hand carved birds from basswood. He doesn't have a website. I hope to see him at the miniature show in Denver in September. I have decided that I can splurge on some special handcrafted pieces made by true artisans because I make so much stuff by my own hand, such as these boxes.

I have been collecting printables on Pinterest, so in the evenings when I don't want to go downstairs where it tends to be a bit chilly, I print, cut, and paste while I watch TV. Love the tissue boxes. 

I placed an order with Norm's Dollhouse store in Denver during their 25% sale that ends today. I have the real life figurine of these doves. It is one of my favorites.

The likeness is amazing.

Now a project like this one, does make me wonder about my own sanity. Who sits around beading a miniature vanity set? Me. It is cute, don't you think. I bought the blanks at Hobby Lobby.

I am so glad that you visited. I am hoping to keep this blog updated more regularly. I'll begin the ceiling on the 3rd floor soon. Have a wonderful week.

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