Sunday, July 30, 2017

Work on the Bellingham Farmhouse has been slow. I feel guilty sometimes hiding in the basement working on the dollhouse when I should be outside in the sunshine fighting weeds. We also took our Texas vacation to the Texas hill country where we stayed on a ranch out in the country. One of the fun things that I did was to visit the Junk Gypsy, that little antique shop hidden in a grove of trees at Round Top, Texas. If you are an antique collector, you will know Round Top for it's lively antique businesses and is written up often in the decorating magazines. The store, now famous for its HGTV show a few years ago, that when by the same name, is such a fun place to visit. You can visit my Garden Spot blog ( July 24th post: Elinore Has a Horse) to see the photos of my visit. It was a fun stop and there I got my inspiration for the bedroom for the farmhouse. But first let me show you my bathroom vanity project.

I struggled with deciding on a vanity and sink. I have a standard oak-type bathroom sink, but it was too bland, boring. Too dollhouse. So I decided to build a modern one since the farmhouse is an old farmhouse that is is being remodeled into a clean, updated farmhouse.

This is my first vanity made from scratch. I looked on the Internet to find inspiration. After I got this assembled, I decided that I didn't like the front of it. It was too wide.

These are the supplies, mostly bass wood purchased at Hobby Lobby, cut and trimmed to size. The the slats for the bottom shelf are cut from one of the very narrow craft sticks

I use stair spindles for the legs.

If I finish this piece, these are my options for faux drawer fronts:Two craft sticks cut to size and layered to give the raised panel look. For the knobs I could use a small craft brad, or dollhouse brass handle, or a crystal bead on a head pin with a finding for a base. I could also insert the brad on the 

Not liking the front of the first vanity, I made a second one, using different balusters spindles for the legs and instead of bass wood for the front, I used a wide craft stick to get a narrower front. I had a bit of flooring left over from the shower project that I put on the top. I love the sink. I had a various ideas for a sink, but I really wanted the round bowl for modern look. The only place I could find them was on Etsy for around ten dollars plus shipping, making it around twenty dollars to have it shipped for Europe. I found this one for $5.95 Buy Now on Ebay, costing me half the price, shipping included. The back splash is flooring baseboard from my stash. Actually, the only item that I purchased was the sink.

Now isn't this really cute? Yes, grape jelly. I have been saving the jelly containers from the Village Inn where we like to go eat. They are perfect little storage tubs. I had thought about using one for the sink, but it just didn't look right. I needed the modern round bowl. The bathroom is nearly done now. I was began trimming craft paper for the wallpaper, using a white embossed shiny paper, but the white is the wrong color now with the white vanity, so I have to find new paper. 

Saturday I drove to Denver to an estate sale of three dollhouse/miniaturists held by the Colorado Doll and Toy Museum. I didn't know what to expect because it was held at the Methodist church in a small meeting room. While there weren't a lot of people there picking trough a lot of stuff--everything you can imagine, except for dollhouses--there were a few room boxes. These are the things that I came home with.

We feed the wild birds, so this bird feeder was a must: $10.

Miscellaneous things that caught my eye: a tiny house, toy blocks, a handmade fall center piece--such detail-- a fishing creole, and a basket trashcan, handmade. .50 cent baggies. The baskets were in the same baggie.

I don't seem to have the patience to make these dainty, delicate undergarments: $5. And the mannequin. I have two already. They are black plastic. Sell for $10. or so on line. This one was $2 and painted.

But the best find was this brass bed: $12. I have seen it online for $ 45- $65. with bedding and as much as $850 on one dollhouse site (sort of suspicious of that- description says handmade.) There were two of these beds and a brass canopy bed that I am wishing that I bought. It had been painted pink over the white, so I passed.  I passed a a couple of other things, but I am happy with what i brought home. It was a fun way to pass the morning--all except for the hour and half drive to Denver, thought traffic was light, actually.

I don't know why purpose the Styrofoam servers, maybe a bedding foundation for a dust ruffle. I was inspired by the bedding at Junk Gypsy that was on the brass beds, big fluffy comforter, tea stained bed skirts. Pricey. Vintage looking. Romantic. So that will be my next project--to make the bedding.

I have more projects, too, that I have been working one, like a brick fireplace, but I am not ready to share it yet. 

I am so glad that you stopped by. I hope you enjoyed my little "how to" vanity. 

See you soon. Thanks for visiting.

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