Saturday, April 29, 2017

So Genius

One of my favorite companies that supplies kits for dollhouse miniatures is one that I have mentioned before, HouseWorks LTD. The company makes a variety of furniture kits, windows, doors, and more. Let me show you what I have been working on, but before I begin I will tell you that I didn't like the kit windows that came with the dollhouse as punch out of the wood pieces that I decided would be too hard to assemble and I liked the look of the House Works windows and door so much better.

First a French door: As the photos demonstrate, the top piece is removable so that the window can can be removed so that you don't have to tape it off to paint, making a very tedious chore so easy, neat, and clean.

Windows with their tiny pieces and glass pose a lot of problems when painting them. I have painted a couple that had to be taped and still you get paint smeared on the glass. (actually Plexiglas's). I ordered eight windows for the Duracraft Bellingham farmhouse. As I unpacked the first one, it fell apart when took the rubber band that was around it off. Then the same thing happened when I unpackaged each door.

As the photo on the left demonstrates, the top part of the window was not glued in so that it can be removed. Essentially the window panes can be removed so that the Plexiglas can be removed and the windows can be painted with the glass panes removed. So easy. So Genius. 

Once the window has been painted, including touch-up, the pieces can be reassembled and the header on the window glued in. 

House Works also had kits to make appliances. Somewhat tedious to assemble, they are cheaper than purchasing miniature appliances and fun to make. During this work session I spray painted the range top, the oven door, and the vent hood with acrylic spray paint. Testing the first on a piece of plywood scrap. I liked the look very much. The pieces are shiny metal, but the spray paint give a more natural stainless look, not shiny, but dull.

I can't call these the finished pieces, but this is a nice hint as to what the kitchen will look like when it is finished. 

Don't be fooled. All of this tedious work represents hours of work, but what else does a retired lady have to do?  Oh, cook, clean, do laundry, work in the yard.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits. I have a new member to the neighborhood, Welcome Jodi.


  1. Muy buen comienzo aunque sea un poco tedioso, los Kit de las ventanas son fantásticos,feliz domingo:-)

  2. Hours of work, I'm sure. Little fiddly things do take a lot of time and patience.