Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pitchers, Galore

Here is an easy project for a quiet evening in your miniature workshop: a vintage pitcher. Once you make one, you will want to make more. 

Before I begin, I must give credit to Tutorials for 1:12 Miniatures for her wonderful instructions and access to the images, so I'll direct you there to get the instructions and to find the pre printed patterns that all you have to do is to print the pattern--well a little more than that. You will download the image that you want. From your preview screen, copy the image in a Word document.

In the Word document, size your image by changing the original height size to 3 inches. You will find that tool in the upper right hand corner of your Word tool bar. Microsoft Word is not just a word processor; it has some very handy, limited and simple imagine editing tools, so get the know them and make your life simple. I do all of my minis editing in Word.  I also print my practice project on plain computer paper then print the final on either card stock or the free 4x6 photographic papers that come with the packet of photo paper.

I use a stylus that is specifically made to score paper, but if you don't have one, use a card maker bone folder, or another blunt tipped tool to crease along the fold line of the triangles that will be folded inward to provide a platform for the bottom of the pitcher to get a clean folding line.

I used Elmer's glue to glue pieces, holding them in place with clip style tweezers.

I am not sure why the pattern includes two handles, unless you want to glue them together so that underneath of the handle has the pattern on it instead of plain white.

Can I say that I am proud of my accomplishment. As a prototype, it turned out nicely. The tulips fit in the water pitcher nicely. I'll make the third Queen Ann's Lace flower to fill it out.


I tried it out on the kitchen table. I like it. Originally the flowers were supposed to go in the attic bedroom that I am working on, but I like them in the kitchen. My final pitcher will be made out of card stock for a sturdier pitcher.

Tell me: Too many polka-dots?

Dishes found at Michael's in garden fairy section

Thanks for dropping by. 


  1. Adorable! You can never have too many polka dots :-). I’m new here, check out my polka dots at .

  2. The pitcher looks adorable and even lovelier with the colorful flowers! Polka dots are a must in every country kitchen! I love the photo of the kitchen - it's so homey and charming! Great work!

  3. Lovely! Polka dots are so cheerful.


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