Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Just Checking In

Hello? Is anyone there? It's been month since I've posted here on the Dollhouse page--for good reason: I'm not working on the houses at the moment. Too many other things to this summer, but I thought that I ought to drop by just to say "HI" and let you know that I'm still here reading your posts, loving your projects. I do have a big announcement to make, but first I thought maybe you would like to see what I've been doing.

Looking for the good things in life

Waiting for the  sunflowers to bloom for the upcoming wedding

Trying gluten free pancakes. Yummy

Taking a drive out on the grasslands

Wishing that I could lounge around like Mo, the cat.

Supervising the landscape project and the cheap labor

Recruiting more cheap labor to plant more sunflowers that were started in the garden center green house

Wandering who's behind door number 2

 Watching the dog watch the squirrels in the tree

Photographing the  cowgirls as they compete

Ellie and Hank (I call him Hank the Tank, a 10 year old Morgan. Horses shows are a whole new deal for him since he spent most of his life as a trail horse at a Boy Scout camp, so while he is supposed to be all serious and well behaved, he's gawking around.

Mariah's an 18 year old mustang who lived in the mountains until she went home with Lucy one day. She stating competing last year. They are  competing in English horsemanship for the first time. 

Hank's got his own moves

Mariah gives pole bending a good run.

And the most serious event of the day: the egg race. 

So that 's what I've been doing this month, but minis are always on my mind. I've been thinking about  what my next project should be. I've been looking at the Beacon Hill House. I love it. Or the Princess Ann, or maybe I should finish the San Franciscan out in the garage that I should have finished last summer, but I got really frustrated with it. 

I decided then that I really don't need another big house, but I need a challenge, so I finally settled on a new project. It's in transit from Canada. I can't wait for you to see it. 

Tomorrow I'm off to Chug Water, Wyoming for a nice day out with my sister-in-law.  Maybe my new new project will arrive.

I hope you are having a great summer, too. 

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be getting back to the minis soon. 


Elizabethd said...

Very nice to see all that you ahve been doing!

Jodi Hippler said...

Life on the farm looks like it's full of fun and rewarding activities! I love the horses, and I am excited about your new project! I hope you can carve out some time to share it with us soon!

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