Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Golden Deer

We had this same discussion a few weeks ago about decorating our mini houses for Halloween. Now how about Christmas? I haven't in the past done much to decorate the houses, but this year I seem to be in the mood to decorate. I have suspended any major building projects, actually procrastinating the roofing project on the Bellingham Farmhouse and flooring in the Westville, and trying to figure out the Betsy Ross project. I also have Christmas presents to crochet, but here is a fun project to embellish your houses for the holidays: Golden deer.

Just wonder through your favorite craft store or down the aisle of gift shops or even the supermarket and you will see how popular those gold, glittered deer are, so of course you might be tempted to add a glittered deer to a fireplace mantle or a tiny Christmas tree for you mini house. Here's fun little project.

Some years ago when I was excited about scrap booking, I was introduced to embossing using glittery powder and a heat gun, but I never wanted to invest in more stuff and decided that I didn't need the extra tools and product.

But as I tired to design the holiday cards for the veterans a few weeks ago, I wanted original, unique, and pretty cards, so I invested in the embossing tools: a heat gun, gold embossing powder, an embossing pen, and the ink pad that has the clear ink that is applied to the card stock with a regular rubber stamp or acrylic stamp.

I have a hard time resisting trinkets and doo-dads, especially for Christmas, so I picked up a package of little deer just because they were cute.

Step 1: Apply ink to the deer. The first deer I used the pen to apply the ink, but didn't get into all of crevices, so the second deer I pushed down into the ink foam pad for good coverage.

Step 2: Cover the deer with embossing powder. Looking more like very fine glitter, the powder will stick to the inked figurine. It looked like a lot of powder and wasteful; however, I'll use tweezers to remove the deer from the pile of glitter and then pour the glitter back in the jar. I used computer paper because it will form a bit of a funnel to return the excess powder to the jar.

The little deer is nice covered with the powder and is ready for the heat to be applied that will melt the powder.


It only takes seconds for the gold granules to begin to melt. Move the heat gun back and forth over the deer and heat it until the powder is all melted.

And now I have a golden deer that I will add a string to hang on a miniature tree.

 But what if you don't have a heat gun and don't want to invest in product for a one time use? On one these deer I used gold acrylic paint. Can you tell which one?

The first golden deer was painted with gold acrylic paint. It doesn't quite as rich as the other deer, but the acrylic paint has flecks of gold in it, so there is sparkle. I had to apply three coats to get good coverage. Because the deer has a very slick surface, the first coat of paint does not adhere, so I let it dry and added another coat and then a third coat of paint.

I can image gilding other items: an angel perhaps or a star or those pretty white doves. Now that I have an embossing system, I can emboss other things. A chair maybe? A picture frame? The embossing adds a bit of texture and a richer finish than paint does not. The powders come in a rainbow of colors, too. Right now I have green and red.

What might you emboss?

Find of the Day

In my own home I have for years purchased two large poinsettias. I do a pink tree, so I like the pink poinsettias, so of course, the mini houses will have poinsettias, too. I have been searching online for poinsettia flower kits, but really didn't want to spent the time to make them or the money. Today I found these at Tuesday Morning. They are just a little larger than 1:12. Each package of two was $4. Not bad. While they didn't come in pink, they did come in red, white, gold, and silver.

I can't wait to see how everyone decorates their little houses for Christmas.

And lastly, I am still having problems posting comments blogs hosted by Blogger. I think I have solved the problem of not being able to post on my blog, but I still cannot leave comments on other Blogger blogs. Nor have I figured out why, so I will email my comments to you, if that's okay with you. 

Thanks so much for visiting. Have a wonderful week. 

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