Monday, January 4, 2021


 We are blessed to have such a home where we can feel safe from whatever happens down the road and around the corner--Elsewhere. While at times it seems a bit overwhelming with all of the work that the Garden Spot requires, we know that it is the only place we want to be right now. I would imagine that you feel the same about your home. 

May is just the best month at the Garden Spot. I won't declare it my favorite because each month has it's own splender; it is fun, though, to look back at May 2020.

As May begins, the garden begins to produce. While little is planted, the perennial asparagus yields the first harvest. We have about 13 plants that produce more than we can eat, with the stalks  growing faster than we can keep up with them. I've tried to freeze it, but when it's cooked it turns mushy, so we eat it everyday until we can't eat any more. Actually, I waste a lot because it grows so fast that, often a stalk has matured to the point that it is pithy and stringy over night. I feel awful wasting it, so I give a lot away, too. We enjoy it most grilled (or oven-roasted) drizzled with olive oil, salted and peppered along with salmon on the grill or just juicy hamburgers. 

It will be weeks before the tomatoes go in. At this point the seedlings have germinated in the barn underneath the grow lamp, and most of the summer will pass until they are harvested, but the weeds will come--oh--they are already thriving in May. 


The pasture is green in May and the daffodils are in their glory and I'm really enjoying May. 

In May the soon to be 8-year-old got her first driving lesson on the EZ GO golf cart, a rite of passage here. 

A feral kitty moved into the barn and soon blessed the Garden Spot with two baby kittens. They were so cute. Mom has become our barn cat. The Head Gardener has become quite attached. The boys were posted on a local neighbored board and found new homes by the end of the day.


And butterflies. We don't attract many, but every year we can count on the Tiger Swallowtail. I took dozens of photos of this beauty.

And the birds of May

The female oriole arrives first and we know that it is time load up on the grape jelly--cheap, generic brand.

The male arrives later--. He's coming in for a landing now. About the same time, the scarlet tanager arrives and digs into the jelly. The females of both species are so similar, it's often hard to tell which is which. The orioles will hang and raise a clutch until mid July then they leave. As much we'd love see the tangiers hang out, they leave much sooner. We keep hoping that they'd nest in our pines, but they prefer to cooler, higher altitude in the mountains.

I keep my camera hand, taking hundred of bird phots each summer, always looking for rare migrating songbirds. Sometimes I get really lucky to see a rare bird that is just passing through.  

Like this Indigo Bunting. We see them often, but not every summer and they don't stay long. The female looks so much like a female English sparrow that we probably never realize that she is here too. I love the little guy. I just happened to look out at the right moment, for he didn't stay long.

The gold finches are residents here year round. The feed on the black oil thistle. They will nest here, too, in the pines. We usually have 3-6 pairs. They can be put on quite a show at the feeder and bird bath.

OOOOOH LOOK, another bunting, the Lazuli. We see them here often too, but not every year and sometimes two males and not for very long. They are passing through, too. 

Another lucky motions shot.

I love this guy. His bright red head and bright yellow breast.

A sanctuary isn't complete without water, trickling water, and lilacs.

And bench to enjoy the water.


Even  the storm clouds that bring May Spring Showers are welcome at the Garden Spot.

The little North Star Cherry tree full of blooms previews June and fresh cherry pie--if the robins don't get to the cherries before me.

Thank you for visiting. 



  1. How beautiful and what a good month for the birds! The Goldfinches are here January! They have their winter colors but they are still very beautiful! Happy new year my friend!

  2. Ann - your bird photos are amazing. I tried a jelly feeder this year for the first time and did not get any takers. I suppose I should try again ...

    And I wish I was close enough to get some of your extra asparagus - it is one of my favorite vegetables, and prepared just the way you describe it! Thanks so much for linking to Mosaic Monday, and Happy New Year to you!

  3. What a lovley post. Our homes are our sanctuaries at this time.


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